Are you living in some part of the United States especially in Philadelphia and you want to relocate in some city in Europe? Yes, the Berton Group can support you with your removal project from Philadelphia to Paris.

What should you know about the Berton Group?

It is an international company composed by a professional remover between Philadelphia and Paris, we support people to accomplish their relocation to Paris France. We have 2 styles of transport to transfer your furniture in a safe way: by sea and by air. Our service is for everyone; we serve both professional and particular. It is a pleasure for us to support you in your removal. 

How can you have access to our service?

Due to the evolution of technology, having access to our service becomes easier. It is important that you fulfill the removal’s formula after that you can pick out your relocation’s option in advance and book the service with a simple click. You perform all these actions in our website. We completely try to make your removal easier but perfect.  

  • Time saving
  • Energy saving
  • Safety of your furniture 
  • An adjusted transport and a guarantee for the transport
  • Adequate materials for the removing
  • Experimented and motivated team
  • Free quotation and serious contract

What is more, the Berton Group can support you to find an accommodation, school for children, males in Paris. Above all, we have the possibility to personalize your moving from Montreal to Paris. 

What can we offer you?

As a professional remover, we have something that differ us from other company. In fact, the main point is that we have the opportunity to offer you a personalized removal from Philadelphia to Paris. You have a large choice of transport and you can put your own deadlines. Besides, we can take in charge some part of your relocation as you want however; we can offer you our integral service too to makes your removal easier and better.  

What do you need to accomplish an international removal?

You should get those jurisdictional documents before the deadlines of the removal

  • Passport and visa application
  • Validation of change of residence
  • Descriptive state of vehicles
  •  Simplified customs clearance
  • Health certificate by the veterinarian regarding pets
  • Old school radiation certificate for students

In the presence of those files, your removal will be less complicated. 

Who can help you?

You might have some problems with the procedures or you might need more information about the removal between Philadelphia and Paris, in this time, it is crucial that you address to our customer advisors who are available for everyone at every time. They can support you in any situation and they can give you good answers to your questions. 

You can trust our team in Berton Group with your relocation. Not only do we offer a personalized removal but we also try to give you a satisfaction. Your satisfaction is our motivation and our inspiration. Do not hesitate to send your quotation online in the website and follow correctly all the guidance.  TO


Pour un déménagement sans soucis, Le Groupe BERTON est certifié ISO 9001 et ISO 14001 et membre du réseau IAM reconnu dans le déménagement international


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